Fall Out Boy – Download Festival

Cast your mind back to June, the weather was good, England had just been knocked out of the World Cup, and i’d just recieved an email asking whether i’d be interested in photographing a band at Download Festival the following day. Of course I said yes, however not knowing that the band was in fact Grammy Award winning Fall Out Boy. I packed my gear, and headed on down to Leicestershire. After some issues on trying to get access on site, I finally met up with the guys at their dressing room, introduced & got down to business. The band had several press interviews including the likes of Rock Sound (look for my buddy Mark Forrer filming), Sky Arts & Scuzz TV. I took very much a fly on the wall approach & wanted the guys to feel comfortable with me taking photos around them. Once their set time came around, we headed to the Main Stage to prepare for their performance, I got some photos of them all getting set up and then they went on. The great thing about photographing for a band is that you don’t just get the first 3 songs, I used the oppuritnuity to get as many different angles from around the stage and to give a real good feel on the performance.

The guys were absolute gentleman & I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. Once i’d finished I also managed to catch some of Linkin Parks set and then headed home.


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